Customer loyalty and purchasing power
Reward System

Mysearch Global Rewards programs can reward consumers for any measurable behavior. Our team helps to create innovative logics that inspire everyday engagement with innovative fulfillment options which increase customer loyalty and purchasing power. Our solution isn’t just a rewards program; it offers multiple type of reward points that allow you to have a continuous interaction with your customers. Leveraging our patented platform, full service agency and breadth of product offerings allows you to enhance your customer relationships to a level that no other solution can. If you’re looking for “stickiness” we can help you with incentives for engaging with and purchasing from your brand on a regular basis.Our programs are fully digital and easy for the customers.

Online service portal and bookings offers

Netizen is an online service portal and offers online bookings for all services under service category through an extensive network of more than 300 partners. On Netizen, customers can book their services in three steps and the application not need any credit card or debit card for opting the services.Our customer service department always online to cater the customers .Founded in Dubai in 2010, Netizen has since grown to four cities in the Middle East, with plans to expand in the MENA region and beyond.

Initiatives to reduce carbon emissions
Energy Efficiency App

3e Apps aims to complement the work of Governments and Companies involved in projects and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, by empowering every citizen with tools and information that he/ she can utilize to become a participant in the battle against Climate Change.3e Apps develops Vendor-agnostic Apps, designed to work with smart meters and smart sensors, to bring relevant information to Smart Phones. Our Apps are typified by their user friendly interface that brings only relevant and useful information to your handheld, gives you command over your consumption behavior and allows you to assess impacts of behavior changes.3e Apps combines Domain expertise in Energy and Environmental Efficiencies of 20 years and App Development expertise of 10 years, through its Founders.